We strive to create beautiful products without creating waste. We draw our inspiration from nature and would like to do our part to ensure that nature survives to inspire future generations.


Despite its recycling programs and other green effort, major metropolitan area like New York and Los Angeles maintains a stereotype of the “dirty city.” Every single day you can find piles of garbage on curbs and litter in the streets.

We've combined our skills and interests with our dedication to reducing waste in our personal lives and created Real Good Goods -- a place where New Yorkers can find original handmade goods and vintage furniture made or restored from objects that had previously been thrown away.

We try to repurpose 100% of our materials instead of letting them go to waste, as well as creating original goods from scraps and cut-offs. We pour our hearts into every piece and feel that we are finding new homes and second lives for every piece. In turn it recycles these items directly into our own community.

Thank you!